Ok sooooo the beginning of my comic is taking a little longer to draw and plan than I thought, sorry for the delay everyone...I'm working on it...

Okay everyone...I'm really bummed! I have not been able to find my photoshop anywhere and therefore cannot shrink the full page of my comic. So the resolution will be pretty big for a while until I can find someone who would be willing to help fix that...^^

ARGH!!! so my scanner is officially not working!!!! I was going to scan on some of my pic for fillers...but...my scanners like "NO MUST TORTURE YOU BY BEING STUPID AND ELECTRONICNESS OF DOOOOOM!!!

ok...now i got it to work...

Now much thanks to Pyroman for helping me to add the background layout!! ^____^



Thanks! ^-^ Thank you for faving my comic!
Yours sounds very interesting as well, and I'm definitely going to keep an eye on it. Your artwork is amazing! =]
Can't wait to see some pages! ^______^

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